Hold Your Torch and Let It Shine

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“Will the real creationists please stand up.”

I got an email from a friend of mine earlier today.  The text of it said “Will the real creationists please stand up.”  I felt it was fitting.

Earlier this week in Cleveland, a woman named Val Thomas, from whom the doctors had “removed all tubes” and given up to death, began speaking.  I don’t know if the doctors were in her room when they were talking to her family about donating organs.  But my imagination takes me to a hospital room where an elderly lady awakes to interrupt a conversation about the harvesting of her internal organs.

She said that she is back by the will of God, that the Lord has something left for her here.  Well, He has already floored me simply with the event of her “return.”  I say praise the Lord.  And I hope this would cause some who are a part of the “culture of death” to, like Val Thomas, open their eyes to life.

Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my birthday.  Happy Birthday to Me!


I’m proud to announce to you that I am finished with my first year of medical school.  I just finished up with my last mega-test as I call it, and I am so happy.  There is much thanks to the Lord in line.  Only in his strength was it even a possibility.  He has sustained.  He is good.  I am finished but to God be the glory!

Give me Grace

I dont know if anyone else is familiar with Andy Gullahorn.  He’s a songwriter who lives in Nashville.  He’s one of the best songwriters I’ve ever been exposed to.  I’m his number 1 fan (#1).  I told him this when I met him.  “I think you’re my only fan” he said through a grin. Here’s one of his songs.  For your digestion.


Last time I was here I swore that I would change

And said only a fool would make the same mistakes.

Being the fool that I am, I’m back again.


I’ve got no good excuse. I’m out of things to say.

I’m starting to believe I’ll always be this way

My only hope inside is that you would hear my cry


Give me grace for when I can’t stop falling.

Give me strength to help me get back up.

Give me faith without proof.

Give me wisdom and truth.

Give me You.


I know I’ve got a choice but I don’t want to choose

I’ve tried that before and I know I stand to lose.

I can not control these failings on my own.


Give me grace for when I can’t stop falling.

Give me strength to help me get back up.

Give me faith without proof.

Give me wisdom and truth.

Give me You.


Here’s his picture:

Thabiti Anyabwile

The recent Together for the Gospel conference featured one man I was almost altogether unfamiliar with.  The man was Thabiti Anyabwile.  If you dont know of this man, I highly recommend remedying that by reading his testimony.  God truly is a holy and powerful God and it is clearly evident in all of our lives, but maybe especially highlighted in the life of Mr. Anyabwile.

Marvel II

Marvel vb \‘märv-ǝl\ : to become filled with surprise, wonder, or amazed curiosity

Hello boys and girls.  Today we will talk about DNA.  I know the weather outside is great, and we could all use some time in the sun, so lets get through this and get out there!


DNA stands for deoxyribose nucleic acid.  DNA is the information carrying molecule for life as we know it.  (There are some viruses that dont use DNA, but they dont count as life either.)  DNA consists 2 strands of the molecule arranged in a double helix.  Each strand is made up of small molecules called deoxyribose that are connected to each other by an atom of phosphorus (with some oxygen atoms connected to it) known as a phosphate group.  Ribose is a sugar made up of 5 carbon atoms and some associated oxygen and hydrogen. Deoxyribose lacks one oxygen atom.  It is de-oxygen-ated ribose or deoxyribose.

These alternating deoxyribose-phosphate backbones provide structure to DNA but do not carry information.  The information is carried by the bases.  There are 4 distinct bases that make up DNA – adenine, thymine, cytosine and guanine.  These are all small molecules that differ rather minimally in their structure.  The are organic rings made mostly of carbon and nitrogen.  Commonly referred to simply by the first letter in their names, the bases pair off, stretching between the 2 backbones of the DNA double helix.  A binds to T and C binds to G.  They bind by relatively weak hydrogen bonds, but with so many of these bonds the molecule is relatively stable.  It generally takes some protein function or strong trauma to break the relationship between the 2 strands.

It is by DNA that God has infused us with the information that is necessary for our physical being.  Without this information, our bodies would be a jumbled mess – so jumbled that they would in no way constitute a body or even a single cell able to sustain life.  The information encoded in our DNA is provides us with not just our eye color, but every little piece of our bodies.  It is truly an amazing molecule.  (It rocks my world!)

Speaking on the origin of life:

DNA has been compared to computer code.  Computer codes contain amazing amounts of information.  I’m writing on a computer right now, and I have no idea how that works.  I’ve never met the progammer of the code that runs my computer.  But I am confident that he exists somewhere.  I am confident that all of the information contained in my computers seemingly endless lines of code did not come about by mere chance.  I am confident that it wasn’t erosion or lightning or random number generators to built the code by which my computer has “life.”  

The life of my computer is not nearly as complex as the life of a human being.  For example, my computer can’t think for itself.  It can only do what I tell it to do.  DNA is like a computer program, except that it is much more complex and holds much more information. Where does this information come from?  Does it come from natural processes?  Can the information contained in DNA which sustains life and is much more complex than computer code come about by chance?  In every instance of information existing that we can find in our universe, it came about by an intelligence.  

Just take Egyptian heiroglyphics for example.  Are they the result of erosion or was there a person who made them?  And we’ve already discussed the computer programmer.  Is DNA the result of a random number generator or is there a Designer?  Did someone really smart make DNA?  There is no natural cause that produces information.  It comes from intelligence (just look at an encyclopedia; look at any information containing system.)

The Bible says that God created the earth.  It also says that it displays the creator.  The creation points to the creator.  DNA shows us that the Creator is so intelligent, so amazing.  Science does indeed point to a creator.  When I look at DNA, I have to say, “Wow!” and worship God.