Why It Is Time for the Democrat Party to Change Its Name

The United States of America has the longest lasting current government in the world. It is based loosely on principles first set forth for governing by the ancient Athenians of Greece. The system they used was called Democracy. Under that system, all male citizens were afforded one vote each. The city-state voted on a great number of issues. It was ruled directly by the people.

Recently, the California Supreme Court, has struck down the ban on same-sex marriage in the state. This decision was fought for and widely supported by the members of the Democrat Party. It is in line with the party’s stance on marriage and other social issues. The ban was instated in 2000 when the issue came before voters. Citizens of California voted for the ban overwhelmingly – a 61% majority favored the ban.

I find it ironic that the “Democrat” Part – a term reminiscent of ancient Athens and their democracy – has used the pre-formed opinions of just 4 judges to overturn the will of the people.

It would seem that a party whose moniker hearkens back to direct democracy would favor a smaller government. Instead, they favor a big government which takes greater influence, or shall we say control, in the lives of the people every year.

I think its time for a name-swap. I think the term Oligarcal Party would fit a little better. An Oligarchy is a government which is ruled by just a handful of people. These people exert their will against that of the people, regardless of what the people believe. The most well known form of Oligarchy was the South African Apartheid which fell in 1994.

It would seem that if the will of the people is consistently crushed by the decision of the courts, then this longest running government of ours will not last much longer. The founders never intended the Supreme Court judges to legislate from the bench. If we fail to get things turned back around, there will be some mighty big changes for the future of America.


Church and State

Matthew 16:18 I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

It seems that the Reverend Wright controversy will never die. And I say why should it? His statements were caustic and hateful. He spoke against his country and its leadership and for the opposition of our nation. But more importantly is the fact that he spoke this from the pulpit.

The political pundits can talk politics all they want, but the last I checked there is not one government on this earth that is not on its way down to the ground. Every President, every King, every Prime Minister, every political leader down to the Somalian warlords who are currently holding food from their country men will some day see their power stripped away – either by death, politics or else the second coming of Christ. But there is one institution in this world that is eternal and that is the church of Jesus Christ. The US Government is a drop in the bucket. God has raised it up and will set it down. But the church of Jesus Christ is eternal.

I believe Reverend Wright out to be allowed to say whatever he wants about America or about anything else. But when he stands in the pulpit, such talk should be put away.

We are moving toward one cosmic moment at the speed of time. We are moving toward one moment when all who are alive or dead, who are humans or spiritual principalities will see everything put under the feet of Christ. And on our way we have men who stand in the pulpit, a platform set up for one reason, to preach the Gospel, and spout political hatred. We have men who stand in the pulpit and talk about freedom from an oppressive government. We have men who stand in the pulpit and talk about freedom from debt, from sickness, from struggles and from low self-esteem. We have men who stand in the pulpit and preach but what they are preaching is not the gospel.

A church should be concerned with the political and social climate. Issues concerning the sanctity of life most certainly matter. The institution of marriage which our children grow up seeing is of great importance. How we care for the hungry and the unemployed is a concern. But of first importance is the gospel. Our Lord said that the gates of hell would not shake the church. The church can thrive be light in a dark world. It can thrive in a culture where the unborn are stripped of dignity in the public eye. It can thrive in the most hospitable and irreverent society Satan can throw at it. The wolves may prowl around at its door, but the Good Shepherd will protect the church.

Let us bear up as a church and grow a burden, not for what a man may say politically but what he may say theologically. Let us protect our churches from the wolves who we would otherwise invite in to show us the way to destruction. Let us first of all pray. Pray for the strength, the purity, and the character of our churches. Pray for their protection and for their cleansing. For we are all in the body together. Let us be watchful in our own churches, not suspiciously spying, but biblically discerning the teachings and the ideas we are embracing. And lastly let us be ready to share an accurate and Christ-exalting word with an unbeliever who may have questions about such matters as incorrect doctrine coming from the pulpit.

We live in a society that is moving toward a day of judgement, and we have forgotten that. Let us hold true to our first love. Lets not get so caught up into who our president is that we forget about our King. And when the next political upheaval rolls through, lets not get up into arms, but let us rest quietly in the arms of our Lord and Protector. The Lord is a man of war. The Lord is his name.

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

There is a new movie coming out this Friday night (April 18, 2008). It is probably the most anticipated documentary ever to hit the screens:

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.

Expelled Banner

This film stars many scientists with varying views on evolution, Intelligent Design theory, neo-Darwinism and Social Darwinism. Former presidential speechwriter/comedian/game show host Ben Stein does most of the leg work in this film. He runs all over the US and even visits other countries in his quest to get to the bottom of all the commotion surrounding the “big questions” of our origin.

I was privileged to attend one of the early screenings of the film in Louisville KY. And I can say that, over all, the film is quite well done. It is entertaining. It is informative. And though Stein has taken a side on the issue, he allows the scientists he interviews to say what they think. They were given the questions ahead of time in order to prepare their answers. Even so, this gets pretty incriminating for some of them at times when they suggest that life was formed “on the backs of crystals” or speculate that possibly aliens bestowed life on our humble planet.

The film begins with a visit from Ben Stein to a former employee of the Smithsonian institute who claims he was fired for publishing a peer reviewed science article which spoke favorably of Intelligent Design. The skeptical Stein then investigates further into many similar claims. This is one of the primary ideas of the film, probably the most causative reason for the film.

Its purpose is not to debunk the theory of evolution or to force public high schools to teach Creationism (gasp!). It is to expose the fact that many in academia are purposefully trying to smash all dissent and discussion of the modern dogma of neo-Darwinism. If scientists are no longer allowed to follow the evidence where it leads, then how can science continue to expand knowledge? The film is not an attack on science, but a defense of it.

Ben Stein concludes his journey by visiting the site of a former Nazi concentration camp. But contrary to what some critics would have you to believe, Expelled does not try to blame Darwin for the atrocity known as the Holocaust. Darwin made claims that the “lower” forms of humanity should not be allowed to propagate. Hitler tried to give evolution a little boost. He tried to speed up what he believed would eventually be the natural selection of the aryan race. Stein eloquently makes this clear.

The movie is an honest look at neo-Darwinism, ID, and the academy of the modern day. I highly recommend it to anyone who cares about our origins, our dignity, or our right to free speech.

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