“Will the real creationists please stand up.”

I got an email from a friend of mine earlier today.  The text of it said “Will the real creationists please stand up.”  I felt it was fitting.

Earlier this week in Cleveland, a woman named Val Thomas, from whom the doctors had “removed all tubes” and given up to death, began speaking.  I don’t know if the doctors were in her room when they were talking to her family about donating organs.  But my imagination takes me to a hospital room where an elderly lady awakes to interrupt a conversation about the harvesting of her internal organs.

She said that she is back by the will of God, that the Lord has something left for her here.  Well, He has already floored me simply with the event of her “return.”  I say praise the Lord.  And I hope this would cause some who are a part of the “culture of death” to, like Val Thomas, open their eyes to life.


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