Why It Is Time for the Democrat Party to Change Its Name

The United States of America has the longest lasting current government in the world. It is based loosely on principles first set forth for governing by the ancient Athenians of Greece. The system they used was called Democracy. Under that system, all male citizens were afforded one vote each. The city-state voted on a great number of issues. It was ruled directly by the people.

Recently, the California Supreme Court, has struck down the ban on same-sex marriage in the state. This decision was fought for and widely supported by the members of the Democrat Party. It is in line with the party’s stance on marriage and other social issues. The ban was instated in 2000 when the issue came before voters. Citizens of California voted for the ban overwhelmingly – a 61% majority favored the ban.

I find it ironic that the “Democrat” Part – a term reminiscent of ancient Athens and their democracy – has used the pre-formed opinions of just 4 judges to overturn the will of the people.

It would seem that a party whose moniker hearkens back to direct democracy would favor a smaller government. Instead, they favor a big government which takes greater influence, or shall we say control, in the lives of the people every year.

I think its time for a name-swap. I think the term Oligarcal Party would fit a little better. An Oligarchy is a government which is ruled by just a handful of people. These people exert their will against that of the people, regardless of what the people believe. The most well known form of Oligarchy was the South African Apartheid which fell in 1994.

It would seem that if the will of the people is consistently crushed by the decision of the courts, then this longest running government of ours will not last much longer. The founders never intended the Supreme Court judges to legislate from the bench. If we fail to get things turned back around, there will be some mighty big changes for the future of America.


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