Church and State

Matthew 16:18 I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

It seems that the Reverend Wright controversy will never die. And I say why should it? His statements were caustic and hateful. He spoke against his country and its leadership and for the opposition of our nation. But more importantly is the fact that he spoke this from the pulpit.

The political pundits can talk politics all they want, but the last I checked there is not one government on this earth that is not on its way down to the ground. Every President, every King, every Prime Minister, every political leader down to the Somalian warlords who are currently holding food from their country men will some day see their power stripped away – either by death, politics or else the second coming of Christ. But there is one institution in this world that is eternal and that is the church of Jesus Christ. The US Government is a drop in the bucket. God has raised it up and will set it down. But the church of Jesus Christ is eternal.

I believe Reverend Wright out to be allowed to say whatever he wants about America or about anything else. But when he stands in the pulpit, such talk should be put away.

We are moving toward one cosmic moment at the speed of time. We are moving toward one moment when all who are alive or dead, who are humans or spiritual principalities will see everything put under the feet of Christ. And on our way we have men who stand in the pulpit, a platform set up for one reason, to preach the Gospel, and spout political hatred. We have men who stand in the pulpit and talk about freedom from an oppressive government. We have men who stand in the pulpit and talk about freedom from debt, from sickness, from struggles and from low self-esteem. We have men who stand in the pulpit and preach but what they are preaching is not the gospel.

A church should be concerned with the political and social climate. Issues concerning the sanctity of life most certainly matter. The institution of marriage which our children grow up seeing is of great importance. How we care for the hungry and the unemployed is a concern. But of first importance is the gospel. Our Lord said that the gates of hell would not shake the church. The church can thrive be light in a dark world. It can thrive in a culture where the unborn are stripped of dignity in the public eye. It can thrive in the most hospitable and irreverent society Satan can throw at it. The wolves may prowl around at its door, but the Good Shepherd will protect the church.

Let us bear up as a church and grow a burden, not for what a man may say politically but what he may say theologically. Let us protect our churches from the wolves who we would otherwise invite in to show us the way to destruction. Let us first of all pray. Pray for the strength, the purity, and the character of our churches. Pray for their protection and for their cleansing. For we are all in the body together. Let us be watchful in our own churches, not suspiciously spying, but biblically discerning the teachings and the ideas we are embracing. And lastly let us be ready to share an accurate and Christ-exalting word with an unbeliever who may have questions about such matters as incorrect doctrine coming from the pulpit.

We live in a society that is moving toward a day of judgement, and we have forgotten that. Let us hold true to our first love. Lets not get so caught up into who our president is that we forget about our King. And when the next political upheaval rolls through, lets not get up into arms, but let us rest quietly in the arms of our Lord and Protector. The Lord is a man of war. The Lord is his name.


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