Every Thursday night (with just a few exceptions), I play guitar and lead worship at my church for a service known as Reality. Philip Brown usually speaks (on the gospel). It meets on Thursday night at 7 pm. Its a great time of worship and fellowship, a time of real relationships with God and with people. I would just like to invite the readership here to come out and spend some time with us on Thursday night.

I would also like to make a request of the people who are at Reality each week. I am continuously searching for the songs that you like, songs that minister to you, songs that exalt Jesus, songs that bend your heart to be more like his. But I dont know what these songs are for you. And that is my request. Just let me know which songs you would request. In the past I’ve done some that people have requested. One of them I had never heard when it was requested. So let me know. I will try to find it, learn it, and sing it and invite you to sing it with me.

Also, I have an open door policy for the band and for singers. If you play something, let me know. We can work it in. Just want to play with me every now and then? Thats OK. Just let me know. Or just show up on a Thursday night at 5:30. Thats practice time. Just show up with your weapon of choice and join the party. All are welcome.

You can leave a comment or just tell me when you see me.

– Nate


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