Wow!  Earthquake time.

This morning at roughly 5:35, I bolted upright in bed.  What was that?  I knew it was either an earthquake or that a Boeing 747 had crashed in my backyard.  Hoping for the latter, I glanced out the window to find…


The birds were going crazy.  But not a passenger jetliner to be seen.  

Turns out it was a 5.4 centered near Evansville Indiana.

For more info:,2933,351698,00.html

I was in 2 other earthquakes that woke me up.  I’ve never felt one while wide awake so that I could enjoy it.

The first was in Franklin KY. It was centered in northern Alabama.  It was just a slight tremor lasting about 35 seconds.  The second one was in Mata de Cana, Nicaragua.  It was a little stronger.  I woke up and wondered how sound, structurally, the roof of the building was.  I regretted that I had not paid attention earlier.  The one this morning was much quicker and stronger and scarier.  Whew.  How exciting!  

Where were you?  Did you feel it or sleep through it?  Leave a note.


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