Marvel I

Marvel vb \‘märv-ǝl\ : to become filled with surprise, wonder, or amazed curiosity


As a first year student in med school I am constantly learning things about our bodies.  They are phenomenal in many ways.  Sometimes I can’t help but marvel at the work God has done in creation.  Last semester, one of my professors said something that has just been stuck in my mind ever since.  He is somewhat of an expert in the respiratory system (among other things) and was talking about the vocal cords.  

He said that the vocal cords were far more adept at producing sound than anything we need to speak.  Sure, we use our vocal cords to speak.  But we don’t need anything nearly so complex.  We don’t really use our vocal cords every day.  And I mean really use them.  Speaking with vocal cords can be compared to tapping out a song on the piano.  They aren’t really being played when we speak.

But, oh, when we sing… 

When we sing, they really get used.  It is not until we sing that we actually take advantage of what God’s given us in our throats.  He made us to sing.  We are created to sing!  Thats crazy.  That blows me away.  I have to marvel.



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